Russ Meyers has directed a number of soft core porn movies with Vixen in the Title.


Russ Meyer’s VIXEN will jar your senses… jerk your emotions… straddle your soul. The mind-boggling ERICA GAVIN… the standard by which all “voluptua” must be measured. VIXEN… is she woman… or animal?

RUN TIME: 70.0 mins RATING: R 18+, High level sexual themes

Super Vixens

Geared for the times, Russ Meyer’s SUPERVIXENS wields the double-bladed axe of satire… cutting and hacking its way to the very bone of society… laying bare and exposing, with great candour, the frailties, weaknesses and strengths of its citizens. A picture born to entertainment, shocking in its frankness, yet so hilariously funny in its delivery. A cinematic smorgasbord of erotic fantasy… SIX of the world’s most BOUNTIFUL women… served up from the lusty table of Russ Meyer. Feast on it!

RUN TIME: 106.0 mins RATING: R 18+, High level sexual themes

Beneath the Valley of the UltraVixens

An all out assault on today’s sexual mores, and more… an end-around attack against women’s lib… blasting through the male machismo syndrome… kicking the crap out of convictions, hang-ups, obsessions… the whole bag… sexually aggressive females, willing klutzy men, petroleum jelly, gingham and gossamer, tax-sheltered religion, black socks, bedroom prowess, bunko artists, big breast fixation, rear window rednecks, therapeutic cuckolding, the sixty mile-an-hour zinger, born again immersion, unfaithful girlfriends, limp-wristed dentistry, and virile garbage men.

RUN TIME: 93.0 mins RATING: R 18+, High level sexual themes