Jobfox is the inspiration of Rob McGovern, one of the nation's foremost career experts. He was the Founder and former Chairman and CEO of, and wrote the popular career advice book Bring Your 'A' Game: The 10 Career Secrets of the High Achiever. He and a core team of former CareerBuilder employees and superstars from the tech industry are the brains behind Jobfox.

Today we’re a 50-person company based in the Washington DC area, with a passion for helping people with their careers. We’re backed by some of the most prestigious investors in the US, and our mission is simple.

Build the first online job service people love.

How are we doing it? With obsessive determination. We've built a revolutionary new job fit engine that's smart as a fox: it knows how to match people and jobs on The 10 Dimensions of a Good Job Fit (sm). But that's not enough. We need to provide real and honest feedback to the job seekers and employers who use our service, so they can make informed decisions. We need to protect the identities of our employed job seekers, and make sure they know they're always in control of the process. Finally, we help candidates showcase their unique skills and experiences so that employers will pursue candidates who are a great fit for their company and jobs.

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