frame| Helen Poster Helen the Baby Fox (子ぎつねヘレン Kogitsune Helen?) is a 2006 Japanese film.

The film concerns a young boy, Taichi Ogawara, who finds a fox cub by the side of the road and takes it home to care for it. The cub is blind, deaf and mute and Taichi names it Helen, after Helen Keller.


  • Taichi Ogawara (大河原太一 Ogawara Taichi) - Arashi Fukasawa *Ritsuko Ogawara (大河原律子 Ogawara Ritsuko) - Yasuko Matsuyuki *Koji Yajima (矢島幸次 Yajima Kōji) - Takao Osawa *Misuzu Yajima (矢島美鈴 Yajima Misuzu) - Ryoko Kobayashi *Professor Uehara (山口先生 Uehara-sensei) - Shunji Fujimura


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