Golden Fox is a ship from the F Zero Universe. It is piolited Doctor Robert Stewart (ドクター スチュワート Dr. Stewart?) is a video game character in the F-Zero series, Nintendo's fast paced futuristic racing video game. He is one of four characters from the original F-Zero SNES game. The game F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is the single story mode driven game in the series not to feature this character.[1] Dr. Robert Stewart was formally known as Garron Andrew Stewart in F-Zero X. His father's name was also changed, from Gilbert Arthur Stewart, to professor Kevin Stewart.

Dr. Stewart is a medical doctor and surgeon and became interested in the F-Zero X Grand Prix after the death of his father. Professor Kevin Stewart was the original owner of the Golden Fox. The Silver Thunder is a strong-framed, well-balanced machine designed by Dr. Stewart for F-Zero pilot Blitz Wagner.


In the F-Zero comic featured in the manual for the SNES original F-Zero, Dr. Stewart was portrayed as quite the ladies' man, although this personality trait did not see through to the rest of the series. He is a medical doctor, surgeon and F-Zero racer.

Physical appearance

Dr. Stewart has a straight face, has dark brown hair and wears a flashy yellow jumpsuit, accented by his blue boots and gloves. He wears a flowing red scarf around his neck that hangs out over his suit. In an interview in F-Zero GX, he claims to wear this scarf as a symbol of his friendship.'Mr. Zero:' Nice scarf! 'Dr. Stewart:' I wear it for someone, as a symbol of our friendship.

Machine information

His F-Zero machine is the Golden Fox, the body (a rank of 'D') is light for such a powerful machine. When the Golden Fox corners, it is difficult to maintain a balance between speed and control because of this design. The machine excels in speed and acceleration (boost power, a rank of 'A'), but lacks in turning and durability. While building the Golden Fox, the late Kevin Stewart placed all priority on acceleration, also resulting its grip (also a rank of 'D') on the track as poor. The stats of the Golden Fox is a nod to a special person in Dr. Stewart's life; his 'DAD'. It is also admittedly weak when faced with attacks. A refined driving technique is an absolute requirement for its pilot.

Golden Fox is designed for experts. Its body cannot afford to be hit often, and it does poorly in sharp corners. However, its shape and grip give it great power when it comes to turning. Adding in acceleration, the Golden Fox actually picks up speed when taking heavy turns, especially on a track such as Lightning: Loop Cross. The boost allows the Golden Fox to pass its enemies coming out of a turn.
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