Crimson Fox is a French superhero in the DC Comics Universe. Identical twins Vivian and Constance D'Aramis shared the role of Crimson Fox to allow each something of a normal life, although Vivian was much more enthusiastic about their superheroic life. Crimson Fox originally appeared as part of Justice League Europe.


The sisters ran Revson, a major Parisian perfume company (which may perhaps explain the origin of their pheromone powers). In order to make their heroic actions easier, they faked Constance's death, so that one of them could operate as Crimson Fox while the other attended business functions. Readers of her/their comic book appearances could easily tell the difference between the two due to Vivian's more pronounced French accent. She was also always portrayed as a more carefree and outgoing woman than her sister. Both sisters (first Vivian, and later Constance) fell in love with fellow hero Metamorpho.

The first two Crimson Foxes are deceased. Vivian D'Aramis met her fate at the hands of Puanteur in Justice League America, while Constance D'Aramis was killed by The Mist in the pages of Starman.

One year later

In the pages of Green Lantern, it has been revealed that a new woman has taken the mantle of the Crimson Fox, again operating as a French superhero in Paris. She was unwillingly pressed into service and membership by the Global Guardians, who intend to pursue Green Lantern.

The new Crimson Fox has told Hal Jordan that she is the heiress to the D'Aramis fortune. Her exact relationship to Vivian and Constance is, however, unknown.


The original Crimson Fox twins had animal-like speed and agility and could emit pheromones that stimulated feelings of attraction in men and can control them. Their gloves were equipped with deadly steel talons. After Vivian's death, Constance retreated into her animal persona and developed heightened senses.

The new Crimson Fox has a similarly equipped costume as the previous version and seems to possess identical pheromone powers.

Other Media

Crimson Fox has made background appearances in the animated TV show Justice League Unlimited.