Crazy Red Crazy Redd is a Character in Animal Crossing. Crazy Redd, more commonly referred to as simply Redd, is a red fox who owns a tent called Crazy Redd's Furniture Emporium dealing in Black Market goods. Redd's age is not ever told in the game, but it is said to be 36 years old. Redd suggests that he has a hostile relationship towards Tom Nook. This is a possible reference to Japanese mythology, in which the tanuki and kitsune are traditionally rivals, however Tom Nook never mentions Redd, and all of Redd's comments about Tom are indirect. A sly figure, Redd sets up camp on a random weekday in front of the town hall in Wild World or in a random place in town in Animal Crossing. Oftentimes sells common furniture at high costs, but he may sell rare furniture that Tom Nook does not sell at all. He is one of the only sources for purchasing paintings, however he regularly sells forged paintings which must be identified by Blathers or Tom Nook. In Wild World, Redd will only sell items to members, and requires that the player say a password to view his shop. After paying a membership fee of 3,000 Bells to Redd, characters may purchase items and Redd will then send them letters containing the weekly password. Due to his species and the spelling of his name, Crazy Redd possibly may partly be an injoke of comedian Redd Foxx, who played grouchy salvage dealer Sanford in US comedy Sanford and Son. Crazy Redd has a cameo appearance in the background of the stage Smashville in the upcoming game Super Smash Brothers Brawl